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A specialist in infrastructure debt asset management

Sequoia is a specialist infrastructure debt investment management company. We have been a leader in this sector, transforming it from a lending asset class to an investment asset class, working closely with investors and other key counterparties. Our perspective is truly global: Sequoia’s Directors have worked in the global capital and money markets of London, New York, Tokyo and Amsterdam.



We are focused on delivering top risk-adjusted returns to our investors. Sequoia’s directors are seasoned capital markets and investment professionals with 20-25+ years of experience each.

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Our objective is to offer our investors a better-than-expected return consistent with a prudently managed portfolio. The investment opportunities we seek are where we have strong experience and a competitive advantage.


Conducting significant, independent research on infrastructure debt and its risk-return characteristics that has been recognized in professional journals

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Outlook for United States infrastructure: US infrastructure sector analysis

train passing by a river and a forest
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